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2022 Act Now Canada: Urgent Challenge of Climate Change!

2022 Act Now Canada: Urgent Challenge of Climate Change!

2022 Act Now Canada: 

Urgent Challenge of Climate Change!

The federal government has offered $250 million to help low-income Canadian households with their home heating expenditures.

Today I will discuss this particular announcement for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. And certainly, its basics will make life more affordable for families in order to help Canadians take care of their basic needs. 

This development is critical for the entire country since it will result in strong economic growth for more than half of all Atlantic Canadian families. You should not be surprised that many homes in Canada still rely on oil despite the growth of other energy sources, and many of the older buildings there were not designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Energy prices have increased significantly since COVID 19 but particularly after the start of the Ukraine War and Russia's aggressive invasion, which has had a direct influence on affordability issues that Canadians are currently experiencing.

The commitment made by Notre Dame is important because it will boost the number of initiatives funded by government programs to improve energy efficiency and cut emissions. And it's about improving people's lives by bringing down energy prices and increasing affordability for Canadians. 

Like other coastal populations, Atlantic Canadians have a long history of facing the environment head-on. They are renowned for being strong, tenacious, and diligent. Climate change, on the other hand, is a storm that is now both an obvious and present threat to our local communities and to the entire planet. What are we doing to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods? How can we stop climate change from getting worse? Is it possible to repair the damage we've already caused to our planet?

The Premiers of the Atlantic area have brought up an urgent public policy that is particularly important to their region in terms of both cost-effectiveness and the fight against climate change. The region has one of the largest percentages of oil-heated homes in the country, many of which are older, lower-income houses, despite the fact that Canadians should be able to heat their homes with economical, dependable, and clean energy. I think that $250 million will contribute to the transition of Canadian households to more affordable green options, such as electrical heating solutions. 

By putting a price on pollution and motivating households to switch to cleaner, more affordable, and more dependable home energy sources, we can solve the problem of climate change. This is the long-lasting and most efficient method of addressing climate change.

A vibrant clean energy supply chain and well-paying sustainable jobs are a win for Atlantic Canadians and the environment.

As you may be aware, as part of a larger attempt to move away from fossil fuels, the Canadian government has promised to cease the nation's reliance on coal by the year 2030.

Canada's Provinces and Territories must make sure they are updating their legislation, strengthening it, and regulating shipping, which includes having the authority to control emissions from ships and boats, such as sewage, oil, and ballast water discharges. In order to minimize spills, crashes, and damage to the maritime environment.

We also need to be aware that those who live in remote areas may have fewer options than those who live in urban areas.

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