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An uproar against The Greatest City of Toronto’s Rental Guidelines and who’s to blame?

An uproar against The Greatest City of Toronto’s Rental Guidelines and who’s to blame?

An uproar against The Greatest City of Toronto’s Rental Guidelines, and who’s to blame?

Today I'm going to talk about the controversy surrounding The Greatest City of Toronto's Rental Guidelines and how tenants are upset about significant rent increases.

First, let’s touch base about the news from a Vancouver-based daily news outlet that claims Canadians lost a trillion dollars in wealth during the second quarter. This is because the Canadian household net worth decrease was the greatest ever recorded. The decline from Q2-2021 to Q3-2022 was 6.1% ($990.1 billion) on a total of $15.22 trillion, a total of $282.12 billion more than the year 2021.

Both the annual growth and the quarterly drop set new lows compared to last year. After hitting record highs at the beginning of the year, stock, bond, and housing prices have since declined, bringing household net worth down to 1,003% of disposable income. This is still greater than levels seen before the epidemic, though.

As far as tenants' outrage over massive rent increases is concerned, residents of new purpose-built buildings are very mad about the unjustified 13 percent rent increases with no room for negotiations.

These condominiums are not under rent control as they were completed after November 15, 2018. These buildings are exempt from rental increases as per the City of Toronto rental guidelines.

In 2018, the province removed rent controls for newly occupied units in accordance with a City Council agreement to encourage developers to invest in the Ontario rental market. So, all new residential units occupied for the first time as of November 15, 2018, were exempt from rent control. 

Now if You are renting in a building that was built after November 15, 2018, You're not under rent control, and it is unfortunate for renters that there is a warranted increase.

The main objective was to encourage developers to construct rental housing that was built specifically to be exempt from rental control through investment in Ontario's rental market to assist in resolving Toronto's housing issue caused by a shortage of low-cost solutions. 

Toronto's rental market is now so competitive that bidding wars are back and common, and rents have increased by over 20%. It can be difficult for families and especially international students to find an affordable place to live. I remember when my buyers' customers had to deal with a multiple offer scenario while buying a house just a few months ago.

And today's rental market has multiple offers. Because consumers are offering $200-$300 over the asking price. Sometimes they'll pay more than two months' rent in advance. In this environment, landlords have more power, therefore, they're picky and look for AAA tenants. This spike in demand has shattered Toronto's rental market.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, the FED announced a package of cost-saving relief funds for inflation to help Canadian families cope with sharply rising prices. It will also top up a housing benefit for renters by a supplemental $700 million, but it appears that this will not help and could actually exacerbate inflationary pressures.

Housing affordability is a huge concern for Torontonians, and we need affordable housing for middle-class Canadian families. 

It's amazing that the Toronto City Council unanimously accepted the findings of the 2021 Open Door Affordable Rental Housing Call for Applications. Approximately 920 rental units at affordable prices were approved across 17 separate developments.

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